The Countdown Has Begun

The big trip kicks off on Saturday, and there are only 109 hours to go before my flight to Xi’an.  Fortunately, I’ll have lots of time to plan how to get from the airport to my hotel during the three layovers over the course of the day and a half that it will take for me to get there.

Right now, I’m in the process of going over my packing list to make sure that I won’t be forgetting anything important. I just hope that I can find a way to carry the two bowling balls that I was hoping to bring as gifts.  Maybe I’ll have to pass on the live lobsters.

2 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Begun

  1. safe travels tad-o!
    and some helpful kyrgyz tips:
    ‘rahkmaht’ = thank you
    ‘toy doom’ = i’m full (very necessary if invited for dinner)
    be seeing you!

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