A Few Quick Observatons

Here are just a few things that I’ve noticed since arriving in China:

  • I only get one english TV station, CCTV News (China Central Television), and it is astounding to me how the news gets filtered through it.  For instance, the southeast of China is experiencing some disastrous flooding right now, and the lead in for the story was, “The long drought in the Southeast is finally over.  Farmers are no longer struggling with dry conditions.”
  • If you like warm, flat beer that tastes like dishwater, then China is the place for you.
  • It is perfectly acceptable, in fact seemingly encouraged, to clear phlegm audibly, and then expectorate in public.
  • Traffic lanes are just kind of a suggestion.  Also, many major intersections do not have any lights at all.  People just drive through honking their horns.
  • Although crosswalks are painted on the pavement, they can generally just be viewed as street art since they serve no purpose.

Today is a travel day.  I’m heading to Jiayuguan, and will spend one night there before heading to Dunhuang.

2 thoughts on “A Few Quick Observatons

  1. I’m speechless!!
    That didn’t last long. Good thing you’re tall so when you’re crossing the street you can be seen–hope they don’t use you as a target though. Can’t believe they don’t see the expectorating in public as a health hazard.
    Love your observations. Be safe.

  2. Did you also notice how turning lanes are somehow located in the center of the road? Nothing like making a left hand turn and having speeding cars passing on both sides of you. Also there is a complete lack of seat belts in china, even though every cab has a sticker that says please fasten your seat belt.

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